For your IELTS exam, you will have a 14-minute speaking interview with an examiner. Instead of feeling like you need to ‘survive’ the questions from the examiner, we will teach you to see the questions as opportunities to demonstrate your English knowledge!


Worldwide, people obtain lower scores on the writing portion of IELTS than any other area of the exam. We will give you all of the tools you need to get the score you deserve in this section of your exam by teaching you exactly what to write and by providing individual feedback on your practice exams!


You might watch movies in English, but is this enough to prepare you for the listening portion of the IELTS exam? Probably not, but don’t worry! At the end of our lessons, you will have complete knowledge about how to demonstrate your English listening skills into an exam context!


You might think that reading in English is easy since you are reading in English right now! Yes, reading in English might be easy, but answering questions about what you read is not easy unless you take our course!

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