Partnership information for RCICs!

How does a partnership work for RCICs?

Step 1: Fill out our partnership questionnaire by clicking here.

Step 2: Pre-purchase our online IELTS and/or TEF lessons here.

Step 3: Have your marketing meeting and receive your customized digital marketing materials.

Step 4: Promote the fact that you offer Online IELTS Training to your clients!

Step 5: Watch your clients get the high score they need!


How does a partnership help me retain clients?

Imagine you have a consultation with a client and you are happy because the person has a degree, professional work experience and says they have a high level of English.

What do you do next in your consultation?

Often the RCIC will ask the person to go get their IELTS and then come back. The RCIC then hopes that the client comes back to them eventually, but in most cases, that client disappears.

Well what if you could help your client IMMEDIATELY to take the first steps of passing the IELTS exam while helping you to transition this client from a ‘potential client’ into an actual paying client?

That is where a partnership with us at EEP comes in!

Essentially, when you get to the part of the conversation where you discuss language requirements, rather than sending the client off to figure out how to prepare for the IELTS on their own (and risk losing that client because they either don’t get the results they need or simply lose interest), you can follow these steps:

1)The client can begin the online IELTS training today and need to complete the lessons within 60 days.

2)During these 60 days, the RCIC is going to begin working on the other documents so he/she can be ready to go when the client has those IELTS results.

3)The regular fees for the IELTS training is $500, but if the RCIC has a partnership with English Exam Prep, the client will be thrilled to receive the training as part of your initial consultation fees!

In terms of business-strategy, we strongly recommend that the RCIC simply include the lessons automatically for any client who pays for an initial consultation with you. Our partners who do have found that they transition many, many more initial consultations into paying clients through this method.

If only one client is successful because of the lessons, this means that you will be able to take the next steps and charge the full retainer fees for your immigration services ($3000-$5000+). If you give automatic access to 100 clients and this system helps you obtain 1 extra client, you’ve paid off your 100 pack bundle and if any of the other 99 clients reach their goals, everything else is a bonus for you.

Alternatively, the client can pay the RCIC $250 (or whatever you are charging), and once the client has those IELTS results, the $250 they’ve paid can go towards the retainer agreement price of $X.

Why is this better than simply sending off the person to figure out how to prepare for the IELTS exam him/herself?

1.You helped him/her with the first step, getting as high of a score in the IELTS as possible!

2.You helped him/her with a solution immediately rather than asking him/her to find the solution on their own.

3.If the person is willing to invest $250 to begin the immigration journey, he/she is a serious client.

4.By carrying over the $250 into the retainer agreement once he/she has those IELTS results, the client already feels invested in your services and trusts your work.

5.Your client becomes a client, rather than a person who doesn’t qualify because he/she gets as high of a score as possible!

How can I start a partnership? It’s easy:

First, send us an email to and we will make an account for you so you can see what the lessons are like for your students.

If you then feel that a partnership would be valuable for you, make your purchase and we will organize a landing page, your discount coupon, and marketing materials for you to use.

As partners, you can pre-purchase our lessons on behalf of your clients for a big discount. When you have a client who is considering signing with you, it is a great marketing tool to let them know that they’ll receive 60 hours of IELTS lessons for FREE when they sign with you ($500 value)!


FAQs regarding a partnership with English Exam Prep

How long does my client get access to the lessons for?

60 days from when you register the client.

Do I need to give access to my clients all at the same time?

No. If you are purchasing one of our licence packs, you can give access anytime.

For example, if you purchase 10 licences, you can give access to one client on December 20th, another client on February 12th, another one February 22nd, etc.. This means that you will have 7 licences remaining to give to other clients.

What if I give access to my client and then the person only begins the lessons at the last minute and is then begging me to extend the lessons?

If you wish to extend the client’s access for another 60 days, you certainly can, but this would count as one of your units. It is important to stress to your clients that they will not be given an extension on the lessons and to only give them access when they are ready to begin.

If I have a client with a low level of English, should I register him/her for this course? 

No. This course works best with people who have an upper-intermediate level of English who wish to score CLB 9 on their IELTS exam. Someone with a low level would not be able to fully understand the techniques.

If I purchase 10-1000 units, can I re-sell these to potential clients? 

Yes. Sometimes you have a client who wants to get their IELTS results completed and then hire you. In this case, you can simply sell one of your accesses to this person so they can get their IELTS results quickly. If you wish to make a profit on this, that is not a problem.

Some RCICs include the fees the person pays as part of their retainer. For example, if you sell the 60-day access for $250 and then the client signs a retainer with you, you might want to credit that $250 towards the retainer.

Alternatively, if you have high-volume (or want a lot of clients!), you can simply include the lessons for free for all of your clients. This is a great way to differentiate your company from others and, of course, to make sure that your clients CAN move forward with their immigration journey. RCICs who work with this business style often purchase 100 units. If you get one extra client from these 100 units, your investment has paid off!

Can I use the bundle for a mix of Prepa Francais and English Exam Prep training? 

Yes. Simply let us know when you make your purchase and we will split the coupon accordingly.

For example, if you are purchasing 100 units and want 80 of those to be for English Exam Prep and 20 of them to be for Prepa Francais, we will split this for you.

I’m a new RCIC. How do I integrate these lessons into my business when I am talking to prospective clients?

This is a big, important question, so we’ve made a separate page to answer this.

Will you solicit my clients for anything?

No. We will never solicit your clients for any reason. If one of your clients sends us an email that goes beyond asking IELTS questions, we will simply forward this email to you.

Will my clients receive individual feedback?

We can provide individual feedback on their writing skills, but this is an additional $40 charge for each task. The client would pay the fees himself/herself without any need for you (the RCIC) to spend time on this.

What can I put in my marketing? 

Once you make your purchase of one of our bundles, you will receive a marketing pack that will include everything you need to make sure that you can get the news out to your clients quickly and accurately.

If you wish to deviate from the formatted marketing that we will provide you, send us an email so we can (quickly) approve the message.

A general rule with all of your marketing is to never use the word ‘guarantee,’ ‘expert,’ or anything else that might imply a guaranteed result to the client.

Can I purchase one access and then send it to more than one client?

No. The access you purchase is for one client for 60 days. We can track the IP address and frequency of the user account, so if we discover multiple users accessing one account, we will notify you, the RCIC.

If we discover that you, the RCIC, are paying for one account and providing access to multiple users, your partnership ends and a complaint (and lawsuit) will be filed. We are very selective with who we work with, so this has never been an issue, but we expect you to conduct yourself ethically.

My client just emailed me and said that he/she needs more than 60 days access. Can you extend his/her access?

No. If a client does not work through the lessons or does not start until the last minute, we cannot extend their access. You can purchase another 60 days access if you wish, but most RCICs simply give the 60 days access and let the clients know that they must complete the lessons during this time. It is always best practice to give access to your client only when he/she is ready to begin the lessons.

I work with another company that wants to split the purchase. Can we purchase a bundle of 100 units (for example) and you split the product between us? 

Yes. One company will need to pay for the product and then simply let us know how to split the access codes. It might be 30 for one company and 70 for another for example.

Let’s get started on helping your clients reach their goals! 

Send us an email to and we can discuss this further!