We started our lessons and seminars as a way to help people who are preparing to take the IELTS Exam and want to be 100% prepared to pass on the first attempt. Using this system, we have helped hundreds of people pass on their first try and our #1 goal in this course is to help you do the same!

Kyle Broda, B.A., M.Ed., M.A., Lead IELTS Instructor

Kyle Broda holds several academic qualifications, including a Master of Education as well as a Master of Linguistics Degree with a specialization in Testing and Assessment. He has over a decade of experience as an examiner, examiner-trainer, teacher and teacher-trainer and loves helping people get the IELTS results they need.

After graduating from university in Canada, he spent a year teaching refugees at a refugee camp on the border of Myanmar and Thailand. After this, he went on to teach IELTS preparation-related subjects at several of the top universities in the world, including McGill University (Canada), Chonnam National University (Korea), Changchun University (China), University of Southern Queensland (Australia) and the Australian Catholic University.

He has been the lead instructor and curriculum designer for English Exam Prep since 2012 and has helped hundreds of students reach their goals.

Erin Fenton, B.Ed., B.A., IELTS Instructor

Erin Fenton is a certified teacher from Quebec and has been teaching in some of the best schools in Canada for the last 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of New Brunswick and has a great deal of experience in teaching English to Spanish, French and Arabic speakers.

After graduating from university in New Brunswick, Erin spent two years teaching IELTS with the British Council in Morocco.

Upon returning to Canada, she began working as an exam coordinator, where her job was to make sure that the exams were run perfectly. This gave her great insight into what exactly happens on exam day and how people can be better prepared for this life-changing exam.

Nathalie Duchesne, TESOL, B.Comm., Curriculum Designer

As with all of the members of our team, Nathalie Duchesne has nearly 10 years of experience as a language examiner and teacher.

She specializes in helping people understand the mistakes they are making in the exam and then pinpoints exactly what they need to do to improve their score quickly.

Pierre-Augustin Dexmier, M.A., PhD Candidate, Curriculum Designer

Pierre-Augustin Dexmier has nearly 10 years of experience in language examining and is a dedicated language exam expert with a passion for teaching.

He is in the final stages of his PhD and helps our team to by using his expertise in exams in an educational context to allow us to give the highest quality lessons to our students.

Lizzeth Ruiz, B.F., Customer Service and Administration

Lizzeth Ruiz is a Mexican who immigrated to Canada nearly 8 years ago and has worked extensively as an examiner and exam supervisor for some of the largest exams in Canada.

This experience in running hundreds of exams offers our clients valuable insight into the procedures they will face on exam day.

Luz Helena Fernandez Duenas, LL.M.

Luz Helena was one of our seminar takers in 2013 and she loved our company enough to join the team after we helped her pass her exam.

Luz is originally from Colombia and holds a number of qualifications, including a Master’s Degree in International Law. She is also a member of the ICCRC and MIDI.

In addition to her academic qualifications, Luz has many years of experience in working with immigrants who are ready to start their new lives in Canada and believes that IELTS preparation is the key to helping more newcomers come to Canada.

Barbara Galvez, B.Econ., Customer Service and Administration

After a long and distinguished career in finance and business development, Barbara joined the English Exam Prep team in 2016.

Barbara is originally from Mexico, but has worked and traveled around the world and truly believes in the great work that we do to help people reach their IELTS goals as quickly as possible.

Aside from her full-time duties in our business development, Barbara provides valuable support in ensuring that the customer service operations of English Exam Prep are conducted to the highest standards of professionalism and is usually the first point of contact for many of our customers.

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