Listening and understanding how to properly answer in the IELTS exam is certainly not an easy task. In this section of the exam, you will hear accents from English-speaking countries, such as Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. By understanding the exam and how to answer the questions, you’ll do fine.

Here is the breakdown of this lesson.

  • The 4 IELTS Listening Sections and the contents within each
  • Strategies regarding your OMR Answer Sheet
  • Accents to expect
  • The importance of synonyms
  • Exactly what the instructions will say (so you don’t have to try to decipher them on exam day)


  1. Work through the self-access videos and do an exam simulation
  2. Get a score and a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Implement your individual study plan and repeat until you’re ready for the real exam!

Does this system work? YES!!! But only if you are willing to work hard.


In this exercise, you are going to listen to a lecture and will need to fill in the blank spaces.

Your time investment in making sure you pass the IELTS is important, so making sure you are ready for to work with our system is crucial in you reaching your IELTS goal!

This is a small example of one of our Listening Exam Simulations.

When you purchase our online lessons, you will have access to 3 complete listening exams, which is 120 questions in total!

At the end of each exam, you will see:
1) How your score correlates with the IELTS Band.
✓ This will help you know where you are right now.
2) A breakdown of your individual score in each individual question type.
✓ This will help you see if there are any weaknesses (and strengths!) for certain question types.
3) Click on View Questions and you will see the explanation of why each answer you chose is correct or incorrect.
✓ This will help you to link your English knowledge in an IELTS-context.

Good luck!

If you feel ready to begin preparing for your IELTS exam, click here to work through our lessons!



You probably enjoy watching English movies and listening to English music. Is this enough to get a high score in your Listening test in IELTS? Not really, but it is certainly a great start. If you combine your love of listening in English with an understanding of what to expect on exam day, you will be prepared to get the score you need in this part of the exam!

Listening Lesson 1 Procedures

Listening Lesson 2 Question Types

Listening Lesson 3 Strategies

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