How do I integrate IELTS lessons into my immigration business?

The first thing you need to think about is if the IELTS lessons work.

If you’ve gone through them yourself, you know the teaching methodology we use is 100% IELTS-focused.

If you have clients who are at CLB 6-8, the lessons will focus on moving them up to CLB 7-9+. Generally, clients move up 1-2 CLB levels after completing the lessons. If your clients need to move up more than 2 CLB levels, it is a good idea to have them refine their English foundation skills before jumping into our IELTS lessons.

When people are choosing an RCIC, they are looking for the person who can give them the most value. For many RCICs, when a client visits you, they won’t have their IELTS results completed, so the RCIC will often tell the person to take their exam and then come back. What happens in this case is that the person leaves and simply does not take the next step of completing their IELTS exam. Next year, they come back to your office and they are a year older, still without IELTS results and they have less options for immigration. When this happens, your job as an RCIC is much more difficult and this person will likely never become a client.

Instead, when you have a person who has a degree, work experience, and wants to live the ‘Canadian Dream,’ you can help them immediately.

The first thing to do is learn about their intent:

  • Do they want to live in a certain province?
  • What do they want to do in Canada?
  • Do they match up with one of the 70+ immigration options?

A big question that comes up here is that you need to have an idea of the person’s English level. You can have them take a free exam here. This will take 20 minutes and they can do it right in your office. The free exam will give you the reading and listening results immediately, which will help you to see if the person is an ideal candidate for your services. If the person scores CLB 6+ on the practice exam, they will likely go up 1-2 CLB levels with the lessons. Remember that writing is universally lower than speaking, listening and reading scores, so if the person gets a CLB 6 in reading and listening on the free exam simulation, they are going to have to focus on our lessons to get CLB 6 or higher on the writing portion of the IELTS.

So the steps for you, as an RCIC are as follows:

  1. Assess the client’s education, work experience, and intent to get a preliminary idea of which immigration options to explore.
  2. Have the client take our free IELTS simulation to give you an idea of their Reading and Listening level.
  3. If the person is at a CLB 5 or lower, there likely aren’t any immigration options, so it would be a good idea to have the person improve their English foundation by taking English (non-IELTS) classes.
  4. If the person is at a CLB 6 or higher and your assessment is that the person qualifies for one (or more!) immigration options, you can begin working immediately. You might consider having a tiered contract where you, the RCIC, can begin getting documentation ready while waiting for the person’s IELTS results. You could charge 25% of the total fees at this point and then the remainder once they’ve given you their IELTS results and you’ve completed the remaining paperwork.

These are simply suggestions from successful RCICs we work with, but each business is different.

In any case, we’re happy to help you (and your clients) reach their goals.

If you would like to begin, you can place your order here!