Job Offer: ESL-IELTS Preparation Content Production

If you have a gift for writing AND want to specialize in the Reading section of the IELTS, we have some work for you!

Essentially, you would be designing sample exams for our IELTS Preparation Students to practice their IELTS Reading Skills in an online exam context.

Here is an example of what we would like you to produce:

The reading exam simulation you produce needs to be original content, but the topic and question formats will need to follow IELTS format AND you would need to explain each answer with 100 words minimum.

Generally, 1 Reading Exam Simulation takes 4-7 hours of writing and we pay $135 per completed exam simulation. The first one might take you longer, but if we choose to keep working together after that, you will likely get faster based on the feedback we’ll provide you.

1 Reading Exam Simulation = Section 1, 2 and 3 script (2150 to 2750 words in total) AND 40 questions AND 40 detailed explanations of answers (30-100 words minimum each).

If you have articles, etc. you have written in the past and want to use those to save time, that is no problem as long as it passes plagiarism checks and is relevant to the topics students face on the real exam.

We will work closely on the first exam to give you feedback and see if the work is a good fit for us (and you!). If the first one is up to standard (after the feedback of course), we can continue to another and another on an ongoing basis.

Here is more information about the IELTS Reading Format:

Other notes: 

  1. We need Academic AND General, but your first task will be to produce a General Reading Exam Sample.
  2. The Exam gets progressively more difficult, so questions 1-10 should be easy, 11-30 progressively more difficult, then 31-40 extremely difficult.
  3. You must use a variety of question types. Follow this example for the first exam you make.
  4. Once you begin work, we will have specific timelines to work with, but you will work from home.
  5. We will review and edit the work as we see fit and will provide feedback to help you improve for your ongoing reading samples.
  6. For each IELTS Reading Sample you produce for us that you get paid for, you will not be able to use the work for any other purposes at any point in the future without our written consent. We can use the work as we see fit without obtaining consent from you.


Professional Requirements:

  1. #1 is a love for the English language + Explaining ESL + an interest in IELTS.
  2. TESOL/TEFL + B.A. in English Literature (or related) is preferred but not mandatory.
  3. Experience in teaching and/or writing is mandatory.
  4. Advanced, near-native level of English that is used in formal academic situations.
  5. An ability to meet deadlines and implement feedback appropriately.
  6. If you are a recent graduate, you are welcome to apply and use us as a reference for your future jobs!


What’s next?

Send an updated CV AND an original writing sample to us at by June 28 2020 and we will be in touch within 48 hours to begin work!